BCM offer a service to consultants and other HVAC system designers to assist in their control specification development and on site witnessing.

This can range from proof reading to full control specifications and description of operations.

Ensuring that the controls contractor interprets the specification well and designs, builds and installs correctly is key to get the most out of any heating and ventilation system.
Our witnessing service can be extended to try and catch any problems with control design and build before the witnessing stage is reached.
Witnessing reports can be carried out using your own handover paperwork or using our own systems.

Valve Sizing:
Sometimes valve sizing can become a bit tricky; if an inappropriately sized valve is fitted in a system controllability is affected and in some cases pump sizing becomes a problem.
We offer a sizing/application investigation service where valves that are suspected of being incorrect due to controllability or noise factors are tested and recommendations made to correct the fault.
This is normally carried out in conjunction with the original flow rates and pressure drops and/or a hydraulic balancing company.

Consulting service for humidity control in specialist areas like clean rooms, museums, operating theatres and dehumidification plant.
Correct humidity levels are critical to certain process and for archiving, therefore the sensors controls and mechanical pant need to be operating at their best to prevent any costly problems.
BMC offers an investigation service to ascertain if there are any problems associated with the plant and recommend procedures and actions to maintain a stable environment.

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